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Let's compare Session Tracking to other session trackers on the market:

PokerDominator PokerCharts StatKing CheckYourBets Card Player
Cost Free 19.95 / year 29.95 Free Free
Access Web Web PC Web Web
Mac Support Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Forums Support Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Bankroll Tracking Yes No No No No
Opponent Tracking No Yes No No No
Share data with friends on web No No No Yes No
Typical Response time to Feature Requests 2 Days ? ? ? ?
Minimum inputs required by user for typical session 12 11 5 4 9
- of those inputs, how many can be set by default? 7 7 0 0 0
Custom Locations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Limits Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Betting Structures Yes No No No n/a
Custom Play Levels Yes No No No No
Foreign currency support Yes Yes No Yes No
- Total currencies supported 6 6 1 3 1
- Multiple currencies across sessions No No No Yes No
- Exchange rate calculation during session input Yes No No No No
Start/stop session recording No No No Yes No
Session notes available Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Session notes shown in main session view Yes No No n/a Partial
Detailed Statistics (STD, win rate, ROI, etc) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Detailed Tournament Statistics Yes No No No Partial
Advanced Reporting Yes No Yes Yes No
- Overall Stats Yes No Yes No No
- Best/Worst (Day of week, limit, location, etc.) Yes No Yes No No
- Daily Yes No Yes Partial No
- Monthly Yes No Yes Yes No
- Location Yes No Yes Yes No
- Game Yes No Yes Yes No
- Ring/Tournament Yes No No Yes No
- Structure Yes No No Yes No
- Limit Yes No No No No
- Play Level Yes No No No No
Number of graphs available 33 base (396 poss) 57 5 12 1
Customizable graphs (graph type, size, 3D) Yes No Partial No No
Mouseovers - display data corresponding to graph Yes No Yes No No
Drill down - click on area of graph to reveal sessions Yes No Yes No No
Advanced Graphing (display 2 filters on one graph) Yes No No No No
Set default graph Yes Yes Yes No No
Export data Yes Yes Yes Yes No
- Ability to choose fields exported Yes No No No n/a
- Notes exported Yes No Yes No n/a
Import data Yes No Yes Yes No
- Import PokerChart's .csv session files Yes No No Yes No
- Import from Excel template (making it possible to record sessions while not connected to internet) Yes No Yes No No
Advanced filtering Yes Yes Yes No Yes
- ability to select more than one option from Yes No Yes n/a No
filter criteria. (ex. Filter by 2 locations at once)          
- range filters(ex. # of players between 6 & 10) Yes Partial No n/a Partial
Filters are applied to session view as well as stat views Yes No Yes n/a No
Data as of 4/14/2005

You, of course, are free to choose whichever session tracker you please, but let me make the case for
  • It's free!
  • Site navigation is simple.
  • Statistical analysis of your poker sessions will help your game.
  • PokerDominator offers capabilities our competitors cannot offer. Example: On the graphs: Ability to drill down to find the sessions that corresond to a dip in your earnings.
  • Your involvement in the statistics can be as simple or as complicated as you like it to be. If you simply want to keep track of your wins and losses, PokerDominator provides this...however, when you want more detailed analysis, the capacity for detailed analysis is built into PokerDominator.
  • Location balance tracking...want to make sure that online site isn't cheating you? Location balance tracking can help.
  • Import sessions. Record sessions while you are not on the internet in Excel and then import them into when you are connected to the internet. The import will even ignore duplicates.
  • A big part of analyzing your game comes from being able to filter your sessions.'s filtering is the most advanced on the market. Example: How am I doing in tournaments that have 100 to 200 players with a buy-in of $11?
  • Export sessions. You choose the data exported from
  • Quick response times to feature requests. The new features are typically up and running within 2 days. (have a look at the forums for examples)

Now I would like to discuss why does not offer some the of above features:

Opponent Tracking - I don't feel this is a feature that is widely requested for Session Trackers. That said, it's easy enough to add if I see more requests for it.

Sharing data with friends - This is something that I have thought about, but again one that I've received no requests for. It would be easy enough to implement, just need a market for it.

Multiple currencies across sessions - This is not necessary for because you can select your exchange rate when you enter a session. Though, on CheckYourBets it's not really stated how they do the conversion for your money or what rate is used. Is it converted based on the day you played or the current exchange rate?

Start/stop session recording - I have not received any requests for this, so it is not an option. Easy enough to add if requested though.

I feel the chart above accurately depicts why's Session Tracking is the best session tracker on the market today. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to visit our forums or send an email to Thanks and have a great day!

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